Saturday, April 16, 2011

PPD-8 and Post Katrina Act of 2006 (PKEMRA)

Now that the new Preparedness Policy Directive (PPD-8) is in place, it would be useful to test what elements of the PPD-8 are codified in PKEMRA.

The PPD directs that it should be implemented consistent with PKEMRA, so it probably makes sense to examine what is already in law.

For example, PKEMRA Sections 643 and 644 defines The National Preparedness Goal and the 8 components of the National Preparedness System.

(1) Target capabilities and preparedness priorities.
(2) Equipment and training standards.
(3) Training and exercises.
(4) Comprehensive assessment system.
(5) Remedial action management program.
(6) Federal response capability inventory.
(7) Reporting requirements.
(8) Federal preparedness.
The time lines in the PPD are very ambitious, but since PKEMRA has been in place, it is a safe assumption that the core requirements are already in place. 
The good news is that the reporting requirements and basic components have been in process for four years and are more than likely well under way.
It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
More to come as we examine the comparison going forward.
Thanks for checking in.
Dennis R. Schrader

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